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The Eye Center in Columbia, South Carolina, is continually seeking innovative new ways to help our patients. A common issue that we tend to see is glaucoma, which causes impaired vision to clients as they age. To combat the more severe problems with glaucoma, we offer the iStent implant.
Who is at Risk?
Although glaucoma is common, there are certain groups of people who run a higher risk of developing the disease. High-risk groups include:

  • People over 40
  • Individuals with a history of eye injury
  • People of African American or Hispanic descent
  • Those who suffer from frequent bouts of eye pressure

Consider making an appointment for an eye exam if you fall into any of these categories and are experiencing problems. While you shouldn’t assume those issues are related to glaucoma, an ophthalmologist can give you a precise diagnosis. If you are diagnosed with glaucoma, a popular option for treatment is the iStent. Patients in the Columbia, SC area who require ophthalmology services should contact us to set an appointment today!
What is the iStent?
The iStent is currently the smallest medical apparatus in existence. Though small, it performs the difficult task of helping to decrease compression within the eyes through the reduction of moisture. The doctors in our clinic are trained professionals who perform several iStent implants each year. They guide all patients through the recovery process and will take great care of you.
Call Now For Glaucoma Relief
Glaucoma affects the eyesight of millions of people all around the world. Though there is currently no cure, the iStent works to slow the disease and ultimately improve and prolong vision. If you have been diagnosed with glaucoma or suspect you may have it, visit us at The Eye Center in Columbia, SC. Our specialists lead the city of Columbia in ophthalmology and are the best of the best.

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