The Kahook Dual Blade® (KDB) is the Latest Technology in Glaucoma Treatment Performed at The Eye Center, P.A.

Columbia, SC, January 06, 2023 – The Eye Center offers the Kahook Dual Blade® (KDB) as one of the treatment options for patients with glaucoma. KDB uses a procedure called goniotomy that uses a single-use ophthalmic blade.

Goniotomy reduces eye pressure by removing diseased tissue that blocks the flow of fluids in the eye. The targeted, precise incision releases intraocular pressure that is associated with glaucoma. The Kahook Dual Blade® makes incisions in the wall of the canal of schlemm and the trabecular meshwork to release pressure. If the high pressure is not released, it damages the optic nerve affecting your vision. This procedure helps to prevent risks of blindness or permanent vision damage.

Here are the components of the KDB that make it a great technology. These features make it easy for the KDP to fit the canal of schlemm perfectly:

Sharp pointed tip – The tool is designed with a sharp tip made using surgical-grade stainless steel. This makes incision painless.
Shaft design – The shaft is long and narrow, making it easier to reach the anterior chamber.
Dual blades – It has a dual blade so that incisions on the affected tissues are made simultaneously.
Ramp technology – It uses ramp technology to position the device by accurately stretching and lifting the eye.
Footplate – It comes with a foot plate that prevents damage to tissue by creating a smooth motion during the procedure.

Gonitomy has been advanced using KDB to minimize risks and improve recovery after the procedure. It is also a painless outpatient procedure, and recovery is faster than other treatment options.

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