The Revolutionary New Way to Improve Your Vision with PanOptix® IOL

After cataract surgery, many patients still require glasses or contacts to see clearly. Dr. Matthew Clary was the first doctor in the Columbia, South Carolina area that implanted the new PanOptix® IOL during a routine cataract surgery instead of a traditional Monofocal lens.

What is PanOptix® IOL?

This new PanOptix® lens, the first of its kind to be used for cataract treatment in Columbia, South Carolina, is the first intraocular lens that is trifocal. It can provide cataract patients clearer vision for all three significant distances. Patients who receive the PanOptix® Intraocular Lens have reported that they no longer need glasses for near, middle, and far distances.

The revolutionary trifocal lens is not an exact copy of your own lens and cannot perfectly replicate the vision you had before you developed cataracts. However, it can improve your way of life. For example, while you may be able to go about your everyday activities without using glasses or contacts, reading, typing, and other activities may require you to wear reading glasses.

Is This Surgery Safe?

Cataract surgery is quick and painless, and most people experience better vision within a few days. However, some people may take longer to adjust to their improved vision, especially if they have struggled with poor eyesight for a while. In other cases, vision may not improve in patients with cataracts in both eyes until surgery is performed on the second eye.

The Eye Center, a Columbia, South Carolina eye clinic, specializes in cataract surgery using the PanOptix® Lens. Dr. Clary and his team have performed this painless, low-risk procedure on hundreds of patients. Over the years, their patients have reported little to no vision loss since the initial improvement from the PanOptix® Intraocular Lens implant.

If you are struggling with poor vision associated with cataracts, the PanOptix® Lens, combined with regular vision ch

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