Tips for Choosing the Right Artificial Lens for Post-Cataract Surgery

Age is the most common causal factor for cataract development. A patient will experience double vision, foggy and blurry vision, changes in how they see color, poor night vision, and sensitivity to bright light.
Cataract surgery helps to replace clouded eye lenses with artificial intraocular lens implants (IOLS). After surgery, you may still need to wear contact lenses or eyeglasses.
There are different artificial lenses to minimize dependence on eyeglasses after cataract surgery. These lenses are designed with varied focusing powers. Therefore, you need to find the best lenses for your unique condition.
Some of the considerations to look at include the following:

  • The type of vision suited to your needs
  • The activities you involve yourself with every day
  • How often you wear your glasses
  • Pre-existing eye-related disorders. If you suffer from other eye diseases, the surgeon will need to examine you further to determine the best lens for your treatment.

Here are tips for finding the right artificial lens for post-cataract surgery.
Choosing Monofocal IOLs
Monofocal IOLs are meant for either distant or near vision. If you choose monofocal lenses, you may require glasses to see objects for certain working distances. 
Choosing Multifocal IOLs
These lenses offer correction for both distant and near visions. They work better when placed in both eyes and can be designed with different focusing abilities. Choosing this option will restore both visions (near and distant), customized to your specific lifestyle.
Choosing Toric IOLs
Toric IOLs are implanted in your eyes to correct blurred vision and astigmatism.  They correct refractive errors in the eyes, resulting in excellent, sharp vision. They only allow one type of vision – either reading or distance.
If you’ve agreed to undergo cataract surgery, you’ll need to discuss the benefits of your preferred lens with your ophthalmologist. This will help you decide on the best IOLs for your lifestyle, daily activities, and other needs. The outcomes will depend on your personal preferences.
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