Upneeq®: Revolutionary Treatment for Acquired Ptosis

Upneeq® offers revolutionary eye-lifting technology in the convenience of daily drops. Upneeq® has received FDA approval to be safe and effective in the treatment of a condition called low-lying lids, or acquired ptosis. This method of treatment is preferred to those seeking non-invasive, surgery-free eye treatment options.

Acquired ptosis is an eyelid dysfunction characterized by abnormally low upper eyelids. A major contributing issue is the loss of elasticity in the levator muscle of the eyelid, causing the eyelid to droop and begin to cover the pupil. Acquired ptosis is considered comorbidity in patients with other diseases and disorders.

Many seek treatment via the surgical route. Upneeq® is unique in its function in that it is non-surgical and effective.

Who is Eligible For Upneeq®?

The decision to treat ptosis in this measure should be a decision between you and your ophthalmologist or another specialized medical doctor. Upneeq® drops are a 0.1% concentration of oxymetazoline hydrochloride ophthalmic solution available through RVL Pharmacy.

Upneeq® can affect your blood pressure and is not advised to be used by patients with heart disease or blood pressure issues. There are a few drug interactions to avoid using this treatment. Be sure your medical professional reviews your entire medical history to prevent any drug interactions with your current prescriptions.

Making the Call

Before you and your physician decide to treat acquired ptosis with Upneeq® be sure to read all safety and health material provided by RVL Pharmacy and on You can call 844-RVL-EYES and talk to a qualified pharmacist with any questions or concerns.

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