What to Expect From Laser Eye Surgery

While the promise of a possibility of 20/20 vision is rather alluring for those who find themselves dependent on their glasses or contacts, fear may keep some away from laser eye surgery. This highly routine, commonly performed procedure can be a rather scary proposition, after all, but it doesn’t need to be. 

In roughly 20 minutes’ time, many people find their vision dramatically improved from an experience that is much, much less intimidating that it might seem on the surface.

So, what can patients really expect from laser eye surgery? Here are few points those who have gone through the simple procedure say prospective patients should know about:

  • Simple process – The procedure typically begins with the use of some numbing drops that are placed into the eyes. After that, a laser is used to create a flap. Once that’s done, the cornea is reshaped to correct the vision problem. The first part can cause some discomfort, but not much, many patients say and the second involves a bit of pressure.
  • Strange sensations – While many patients report nothing more than a tiny bit of discomfort, the experience can feel a little strange to some. The pressure on the eye when the flap is made is an unusual feeling some report and the smell of slightly singed flesh can be a bit disconcerting. Even so, most report these sensations only last for seconds and are very much worth the reward.
  • Amazing outcome – Doctors cannot guarantee 20/20 results, but many patients report the outcome is incredibly pleasing. In less than a half-hour, many people go from being completely dependent on glasses to not needing them at all.

If you are considering laser eye surgery to correct vision problems, contact us today for a consultation. The experience can be a little different for each patient, but this surgery is typically quite quick and painless. Recovery tends to be very fast, as well, with most patients able to go about their normal routines almost immediately.

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