Why Lasik is the Right Choice for Many

Columbia, S.C. — Lasik surgery is a popular choice for people who want to improve their sight while enjoying the possibility of leaving glasses or contacts behind. Performed on thousands of patients over the past few decades, this procedure has only become more refined and precise through the years. Technological advances have made this procedure one that has a tremendous track record of success for patients who are deemed good candidates for refractive corrections.

People who are considering this option will find there are only a few barriers that stand in their way. Lasik is generally reserved for correcting certain vision concerns, such as near- and farsightedness, in people roughly age 21 and up. Overall good general health is also typically required. Some patients may find that the thickness of their corneas might not make this route the right one for them, as well.

“Generally speaking, Lasik is a sound option for the vast majority of patients seeking a way to more permanently address vision concerns,” says the doctors at The Eye Center. “While certain factors, such as corneal fitness may not make it the best choice for a particular patient, other options exist that can produce similar results. The best bet for those considering refractive surgery is to set a consultation with a qualified eye surgeon to explore all their options.”

People who find that Lasik is suitable for them are also likely to quickly learn why the procedure is popular for very good reasons. Although results cannot be guaranteed, Lasik enables about 99 percent of patients to attain 20/40 vision at least with more than 90 percent reporting 20/20 results. Serious complications associated with this procedure are also extremely rare, occurring in only about 0.2 percent of all surgeries performed.

“Lasik simply is the best choice in refractive surgery for most patients because of the minimal risks it poses while producing very strong results in an overwhelming percentage of cases,” the doctors say. “Although not a guarantee that glasses can be left behind for good, most patients are very pleased with the results.”

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