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For Improved Refractive Outcomes for Cataract Patients, We Trust the LENSTAR.

It’s our goal to provide our patients the very best outcomes following cataract surgery. The LENSTAR LS900 is a superior tool we trust to help provide efficient and accurate vision outcomes. It is reliable and easy to use for more effectiveness while being convenient and comfortable for both the user and the patient.

The LENSTAR LS900 is a sophisticated optical biometer that quickly captures data about the eye’s individual elements and structure. In just one reading, the LENSTAR determines important values and measurements, such as the thickness of the lens, cornea and retina, and the precise position of the lens within the eye. The LENSTAR can also help calculate the precise refractive power of the new replacement IO, even for patients who have had previous corrective eye surgery such as LASIK.

Although many elements are involved in the practice of refractive cataract surgery, one of the most crucial is the ability to calculate IOL power effectively and efficiently. The LENSTAR LS900 helps us do just that.

LenSX Femtosecond Laser

Despite all human eyes having the same basic anatomical structure, each person’s eye is different in terms of size, depth and curvature of the cornea and other important features. Due to these unique individual differences in your eye and any previous treatments that may have been performed like LASIK or RK, cataract surgery must be carefully tailored to each individual patient’s eyes by carefully measuring and mapping the eye prior to cataract surgery in order to achieve the goal of less dependence on glasses.

While these measurements have been routinely performed prior to surgery, the LenSx® laser adds benefit by using a range of highly advanced technologies. The LenSx® Laser uses focused femtosecond laser pulses to create incisions in the lens capsule, crystalline lens, and the cornea. The result is a procedure that is tailored to your specifications and delivers a remarkable degree of accuracy.

What advantages does the LenSx provide? 

While our surgeons are able to provide excellent reliability with their manual incisions, no human is able to match the consistent reliability of a laser.

The LenSx is able to treat mild levels of astigmatism providing sharper vision without glasses after the procedure.

By centralizing the opening through which the cataract is removed, LenSx provides a more reliable post operative visual result. Basically, it reduces the incidence of post operative surprises.
The LenSx pulverizes the central portion of the cataract, allowing for a much gentler removal. This often translates to decreased healing times and a quicker achievement of stable vision.

Examples are Pseudoexfoliation Syndrome and Fuch’s Corneal Dystrophy.

No, when performing a cataract surgery with the LenSx® laser, the surgeon still uses the traditional ultrasound (Phaco) to remove the cataract. The benefit is seen in that the laser makes the incisions, and breaks the cataract into smaller pieces, making it easier for your surgeon to remove.

No traditional cataract surgery with a small blade is one of if not the most reliable procedures in medicine. Patients routinely get excellent results and are very happy with this approach. However, if you are someone who embraces innovative technologies, wants the latest, greatest methods, or has significant astigmatism, this may be an excellent option.

Cataract surgery is typically paid for by Medicare and many insurance companies. Individuals must check with their respective carriers for specific eligibility and coverage benefits. LenSx® is a premium enhanced procedure that requires an out-of-pocket fee from the patient. Patients will receive specific information on the cost of their procedure during the consultation process.

STAR S4 IR® Excimer Laser System

The Right Laser System For More Patients

The STAR S4 IR® Excimer Laser System is designed to bring Advanced CustomVue® laser vision correction to life. Featuring VSS technology (Variable Spot Scanning) and VRR (Variable Repetition Rate) pulse-packing algorithm, both proprietary to AMO, the STAR S4 IR® Excimer Laser reduces thermal effects on the cornea, allowing you to perform the Advanced CustomVue® procedure quickly and effectively, while maximizing patient safety.

Using the STAR S4 IR® Excimer Laser System, surgeons can deliver the broadest range of wavefront-guided laser vision correction treatments to patients. In fact, more than 94 percent of eligible candidates in the U.S., and more than 99.75 percent outside the U.S., may potentially benefit from the Advanced CustomVue® procedure.*


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