TECNIS® Multifocal IOL

Tired of Reading Glasses?
While no procedure can give the perfect vision of a 20 year old who does not need glasses, the Tecnis Multifocal lens gives the best result possible today. We see numerous patients each month who are overjoyed that they can see glasses free at distance, intermediate, and up close. Translated, they can watch TV, see the computer, and read a text message without glasses.

How good will my near vision be?
Like any other surgical procedure, there is some variation from person to person based on how each individual heals. However, this is the most reliable lens we have ever used. Proper expectations are crucial. Most patients are able to read a normal sized print book or use their smartphone. All patients need reading glasses to do such things as thread a needle or run a line through a fish hook. Some patients require them more frequently than others. It is very rare, but possible to need them much more often.

What are the benefits?
Almost all recipients love this lens. Studies show 93% of patients reported they would have the Tecnis Multifocal implanted again. This is the lens of choice of our staff members having surgery. Please ask to speak with one if you have questions about their experience. Patients can expect significant freedom from glasses as long as their eye heals normally. The lens never wears out and patients never get future cataracts.

In the image below, which demonstrates vision with the TECNIS® Multifocal Lens, you can see the coffee cup close up, the dashboard at intermediate, as well as road signs in the distance—all clearly.

Now, analyze the second image below. This one demonstrates what you might see with the standard monofocal lens implant. Although the distance vision is clear, notice how the coffee cup is now blurry and the intermediate is not as sharp.

Do I have to have a cataract?
No, many patients desiring increased freedom from glasses or contacts select this lens through the Prelex procedure.

What if I have astigmatism?
Well, we have to fix it. Astigmatism will prevent the lens from functioning properly. While the Tecnis Multifocal does not eliminate astigmatism, it can easily be combined with a LenSx to alleviate this issue.

What else do I need to know?
In the post operative period, some notice glare or halos around lights at night. Thankfully, most recipients describe it as mild and it almost always resolves quickly. 


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